The Chuck Taylor Converse Hi Top

Published: 28th March 2011
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The converse is a tough material used for making many things like tents, shoes etc. It is basically a two ply cotton cloth material used for making shoes. In the early nineteenth century a person named Marquis Mills Converse had this unique idea of making shoes with the help of this material. The brand of today was born in this way.

The converse were the first the first pair of shoes dedicated solely to the athletes playing sports like tennis and basket ball in those days. It was designed to provide extra protection in the region of ankle especially for the basket ball players. This design was inspired by the famous basket ball player Chuck Taylor.

The converse hi tops were the first mass produced shoes for the basket ball players in the early nineteenth century. Chuck Taylor contributed immensely toward the creation of the brand converse which it has become in the present times. He contributed new techniques to sew for better flexibility and more support gave a new direction in the making of the shoe.

Chuck Taylor was later taken into the company as an ambassador promoting and selling it to the common people and others athletes. The converse hi tops were soon in use other forms apart from sports. After the Second World War it was the official shoe for the army of United States.

Soon with the increase in its popularity among the consumers different styles and materials were being used to cater the need for the growing demand of converse. Materials like suede, leather were being used to give it a contemporary look apart from the more casual look given to it by the converse.

Due to this various colors and prints were now available in the market in the market. The converse in the middle of the nineteenth century started loosing on the popularity in the sports field as competitors like the Nike’s, Puma; Adidas were bringing in changes in designs and comfort.

The converse was later bought by the company Nike’s and the converse hi tops available in the market are the subsidiary of Nike’s. The converse shoes again became popular during the nineteen nineties due to its uniqueness and attitude influenced by sports and rock n roll music.

The important attributes like the economically reasonable and comfortibility makes it more popular among the teenagers even today throughout the world

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